Laima Liukpetryte

Laima Liukpetrytė

Laima Liukpetrytė

  Doctor Laima Liukpetryte

General Practice Odontologist

Education: in 2008 she graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine and acquired the qualification of odontologist.

2013 – 2014, Certificate in Aesthetic and Restorative Odontology received.

Work practice: from 2008 to 2010 she worked in private clinics located in Kaunas and Kėdainiai.

Since 2010 she works at “North Woolwich Dental Practice”, London.

Briefly about me: I like my job. With conscientiousness and diligence I help patients to overcome phobias and make every effort, so that my patients would feel as less discomfort as possible white sitting on the dentist’s chair.


Private Dental Clinic
145A Albert Road North Woolwich
London E16 2JD
United Kingdom

Phone:02074 746 987
Mobile: 07883 895 355

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