A woman who participated in the project of changes: “The final result is worth all the pain.”

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TV projects of changes during which the appearance of participants is changed are very popular worldwide. Such project has also been organized by the Lithuanian Clinic in London “North Woolwich Dental Practice” together with the newspaper “Info ekspresas”. At first glance it may seem quick and easy to improve a person’s appearance, but it is not so.

Medical professionals and beauty experts who participated in the project as well as Edita Klingien4, the winner of the contest whose appearance was changed unrecognizably, talked about what was happening behind the scenes of the change program.

When asked what procedures were applied to her during the year-long project the woman answered with a smile: “Different ones. Starting with dental treatment, root canal re-treatment, dental extraction and finishing with Botox, acid injections and permanent eyebrow make-up. Being caught in the excitement, I also “acquired” lips”. Dental treatment was performed to the above mentioned woman from Lithuania by Andrius Pocius, the medical professional from “North Woolwich Dental Practice” and “Ipswich Lower Brook Dental Surgery” who has been working for 35 years in this field and medical professional Veronika Chrisanova. “I applied cosmetic restorative prosthodontic treatment to Edita, because she had low-quality prostheses and poorly treated teeth. The patient did not need dental implantation. Root canals were treated by Veronika Chrisanova,” the medical professional said.

Edita before project started.

Edita prieš projektą

The doctors and E. Klingiene confirmed that dental treatment procedures were painful but the woman really wanted to have a “Hollywood smile”. She still feels grateful to doctors who not only fulfilled her wish but also helped not to give up in the most difficult moments. “What I liked the most during the project was professional behaviour and support of the specialists when I really wanted to quit everything and flee into the bush. Veronika and Andrius repeated “Well, everything is close to the end, once more and you will have a Hollywood smile,” and these words forced me to pull myself together and keep going till the end,” the project participant shared her memories.

After dental improvement Edita was taken into the hands of Lina Strachan, the odontologist and specialist of non-surgical facial aesthetics. The specialist from Lithuania, who makes women’s faces appear more attractive and works in London for already 8 years, says that she constantly improves her knowledge: “In my work I apply the latest technologies, such as 3D facelift with hyaluronic acid fillers, facelift with PDO threads, and well-known procedures such as Botox injections, mesotherapy, chemical skin peeling.” The specialist told that when improving Edita’s face she tried to achieve the most natural-looking results, as the participant of the project is a very young-looking woman. “Edita had Botox injections in the forehead, around her eyes and in the lower area of the face. 3D facelift with hyaluronic acid fillers was also performed (cheeks and the area under eyes were filled with hyaluronic acid). Wrinkles coming from the nose to the lips were filled with hyaluron as well,” the specialist told about the procedures.

Dr. Lina Strachan.                               Dr. Andrius Pocius.                       Dr. Veronika Chrisanova.

Gyd. Lina StrachanAndrius PociusGyd. Veronika Crisanova

The specialist of beauty procedures praised the project participant, saying that she had very expressive face, so the procedures were needed simply to embellish her facial features at the same time avoiding unnatural appearance. “The achieved result is very natural, she can still smile and move her eyebrows, but without appearance of wrinkles. Faces frozen from excessively high doses of Botox are no longer fashionable. With the help of Botox I also lifted the corners of her lips in order to avoid her facial expression looking sad and tired. However, it has not changed Edita’s smile,” L. Strachan talked about the peculiarities of procedures.

The woman who works in the Clinic of Odontology and Facial Aesthetics in Ipswich told that Botox and hyaluronic acid procedures were applied to Edita not only to remove wrinkles but also to reduce the impression of a tired face. The popular idea that only beauties who are in chase of the cult of beauty or celebrities who want to get rid of the influence of passing years improve their appearance with injections to the face, turned out to be wrong. “Edita lost her fatty tissue in the cheeks and area under her eyes, which made her face look tired and old. Special hyaluronic acid was injected into the cheeks and area under her eyes. The procedure was performed using a cannula not needles. A cannula, which is often called a “magic needle”, is dull and does not damage tissue, so the possibility of bruising is minimal. There is no risk of damage to blood vessels and nerve structures of the facial tissues,” L. Strachan said.

Doctor Laura Bartaševičienė


In addition to the above beauty procedures, a permanent eyebrow make-up was done to Edita. Laura Bartaševičienė, a linergist who has the experience of ten years in beauty treatments, agreed to implement this task. “In order to get perfect results, the procedure of permanent makeup must always be repeated one time, or, in case of necessity, several times. After the procedure and four weeks later, the corrections were made to Edita. The woman was satisfied with the procedure,” L. Bartaševičienė said.

Long lasting eyebrows coloring made for Edita.

Long lasting eyebrows coloring made for Edita.

When asked how she felt during the project which lasted for the whole year, Edita was open and said that a lot of things happened: “During the project I experienced different feelings. I will not lie. There were moments when I wanted to quit everything. Only with the encouragement of my daughter and medical professionals, I have finished the project. All these treatments made me shed tears. I am a very sensitive person. I want to say thank you to the professionals who perfectly understood my sensitivity and always encouraged me. Veronika and Andrius are wonderful odantologists. I remember them with great affection. What to say about the creators of beauty Lina and Laura. They are fantastic and sensitive women.”

Despite the fact that the project of changes was long, and after each procedure performed the woman from Lithuania had to endure processes of healing and re-treatment, Edita was very happy with the results. The winner of the contest has told that she is extremely happy and grateful to people who improved her appearance. “Of course, I am happy, especially because of the “Hollywood smile”. It is a fantastic feeling when you can smile widely and with confidence. Please do not think that I was toothless before the project. It is possible to get used to wrinkles, but a smile is like your business card,” Edita said with a smile on her face.

All specialists confirmed that the list of their clients is wide, but the most frequent visitors of clinics and beauty salons are Lithuanians living in England. Doctor A. Pocius stated that his patients visiting the Clinic in London are mainly Lithuanians. L. Bartaševičienė agreed with him, adding that the news about her beauty treatments is passed from mouth to mouth. “Lithuanian women often apply to me; I have a lot of loyal clients who recommend me to their friends,” L. Strachan says.

When asked whether after experiencing so much pain and getting deeper knowledge about beauty treatments and projects of change Edita would recommend a similar program to other women, she gave a positive answer. “I have experienced a lot of pain. Perhaps there is no need to tell how you feel when you have a toothache. However, through the thorns to the stars! I will be sincere. After the project I felt a relief, but my endeavours were definitely worth it. Despite any discomfort, the final result is excellent only because of all professionals and, certainly, my daughter who supported me,” the participant described the project of changes.

Edita after the project.

Edita pasibaigus projektui

“Edita was very happy to look younger and less tired. In my opinion, for such youthful and lively person it is important to look attractive and natural at any time,” L. Strachan, the specialist of facial aesthetics, shared her opinion.

After the marathon of treatment procedures, the project culminated in hairstyle and makeup made to Edita by masters from the beauty salon “Mystic”. Moments of the project were captured by the photographer Dovilė Alijauskaitė.








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