Fixed prostheticsPrice
Maryland bridge£200
Metal free inlay/onlay (E-max)£600
Post and Core£80-110
Temporary crown £50-100
Metal free pressed porcelain crown (E-max)£600
Metal free zirconia crown£600
Metal-ceramic crown£550
Dental veneer (per tooth)£500
Recementing of a crown (per tooth)£50
Recementing of a bridge£80-150

Removable denturePrice
Acrylic (hard base) denture for one jaw£600
1-3 teeth acrylic denture£350
4-12 teeth acrylic denture£600
Soft base denture for one jaw£800
1-3 teeth CrCo (chrome-cobalt) denture£1000
4-12 teeth CrCo (chrome-cobalt) denture£1100
Denture repairfrom £100
Diagnostic modelsfrom £20
Night guard (for teeth grinding)£170

The above prices are indicative and may vary according to individual needs.


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