Ruta Trapnauske

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General dentist Ruta Trapnauske


Rūta Trapnauskė studied at Vilnius University, completed an internship at Žalgiris Clinics. She acquired the Master’s degree in dentistry and the professional qualification of a dentist.

Professional experience:

Since 2016, North Woolwich Dental Practice, London.

2015, Balsiai Family Medical Centre, Riešė Family Clinic, Vilnius.

The dentist regularly participates in scientific conferences and qualification improvement courses organized.

The main workshops and conferences attended by her were as follows:

  • Oral surgery for GDP 2018m
  • Six Month Smiles short term orthodontics 2018m
  • Orthodontic course for General Practice 2018m
  • Tiesioginės estetinės dantų restauracijos estetinėje zonoje 2017m
  • Biological and Clinical Concepts in Crown lengthening 2017m
  • Precision and predictability in aesthetic dentistry 2017m
  • Naujos kartos endodontiniai instrumentai ir medžiagos 2016m
  • Svarbiausi priekinių dantų estetinio plombavimo aspektai siekiant tobulumo 2016m
  • Ortopedinė odontologija: modernios technologijos ir klasika 2014m
  • Naujovės ir aktualijos odontologijos praktikoje 2013m
  • Today vs. the Future. Modern and future technologies 2012m
  • Šiuolaikinė odontologija 2012m


Clinica dentara privata
145A Albert Road North Woolwich
London E16 2JD
Regatul Unit

Telefon::02074 746 987
Mobil: 07883 895 355

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