Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease (periodontitis) refers to an infection-induced inflammatory process involving tooth-supporting structures.

Approximately 5% to 20% of any population suffers from severe generalized periodontitis even though moderate periodontal disease affects a majority of adults.

This most common human oral disease is caused by certain bacteria which start to increase in number and virulence when the related risk factors such as multiplying bacterial deposit can grow undisturbed under the unreachable gum pockets while producing by-products which may stimulate the body’s defensive inflammatory response in the around the teeth. This chronic inflammatory disease may progress and cause gradual bone destruction over the years when not treated efficiently.


  • Periodontal assessment - £140

  • Periodontal reassessment - £80 - £100

  • Personalized oral hygiene education - £80 - £100

  • Non-surgical periodontal therapy: single course - from £300

  • Surgical treatment of periodontitis - from £600

  • Supportive Periodontal Care - from £120

  • Gum grafting surgery - from £600

  • Surgical crown lengthening - from £600

The above prices are indicative and may vary according to individual needs.